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Japanese High School RPG
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An RPG based on a High School in Tokyo, Japan
. introduction .

Welcome to Gakuin High. It's not one of the best schools here in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, it seems to be run by delinquents while the Student Council and faculty straining to keep it peaceful. The few rich and high-class students attending this school may seem out of place, but everyone at Gakuin High is here for a reason.

Introducing an RPG set in modern day Tokyo, Japan. It is an RPG based on original ideas with original, Japanese high school characters. We are looking for dedicated players who will maintain an active role in the RPG, who have at least a minimum understanding of Japan, if only from anime or manga.

The Role-Playing is all done in third-person, in journals made specifically for the character. The OOC journal (tokyo_high) is used for all out-of-character posts. This community is used as the school's bulletin board, as well as a collective area for links to new posts by the RPG's characters.

. characters .

Characters are listed in order from the time they joined the RPG. Typists may have more than one character if they desire as long as they are able to keep up with all their characters. Typists may also create NPCs that will not appear on this list. These NPCs will only be playable to the typist that made them, and typist may post in these characters' POV, just as long as their actual character is listed as well. Identities of typists are kept private, unless the typist chooses to reveal it. If you have more than one character, the Moderator will keep it private. We also require that all typists turn off IP logging, to further keep identities private.

Characters listed in gray are on hiatus.

High School Students
Ritsuko Fawkes - isolatedfox (moderator)
Kasai Tori - poisonchaos
Rika Kitamura - kanbi_shinzo (co-moderator)
Kira Shimada - forsakenartist
Yumi Saito - harchi_rebel (co-moderator)
Kazuya Nakamura - xxmyworstfearxx
Kazuo Nakamura - xxchaoticpyroxx
Leo Sawada - sawada_leo
Miyavi Ito - __blind_hate__
Yukimura Kusangi - yukimura_kusana
Kasumi Yamamoto - _behindmyeyes__
Kanako Akao - _temptingfate_
Kurosaki Suzuki - creepyalterego
Andrea Hart - lostsoullooking
Yu Ling Tai - yu_ling_tai
Matthew Haynes - surf_boy
Masao Tatsumi - behindxthexmask
Naozumi Tanaka - nothing__nomore
Amanda Evers - amanda_evers (co-moderator)
Ryo Jo - numbah1gangsta
Hikaru Tsukita - tsukita_hikaru
Yosuke Miyadai - punkoflove
Yuusou Watanbe - bigandscary
Ichiro Toriyama - toriyama_dono
Shuichi Ichigo - cunning_wolf
Miki Kimura - hidden_agenda_
Rei Sanjo - condemnedspirit
Natsumi Kawashi - _tatteredhopes
Yui Sakurai - barrendreams
Shige Sakurai - addictedbandit
Ryoko Akagawa - wicked_rhapsody
Yuki Haramori - glass_maiden
Aishida Koimitsu - boy_model
Jiro Mimura - sanitysrequiem_
Ami Mimura - destroyer_tuku_
Maikeru Etsuko - x_maikeru_x
Haitani Akamatsu - haitani_kun
Sumara Yumeki - lifexisaxgame
Okita Williams - okitawilliams
Saki Arashi - stormy_visions
Yuu Kinamoto - kinamoto_yuu
Amane Ikeuchi - girlmigrant
Neha Kapoor - lil_sundar
Wakashi Yanagi - elegant_play
Ai Kohara - lovely_warumono
Kyou Qiu - kyouuchi
Katsu Niigata - katsu_niigata
Kiyoshi Arashi - vividperception
Taiga Hamasaki - slamdunk_king
Ren Izaya - underground_god
All Student Club Leaders - clubleaders

Middle School Students
Sachiko Katsumoto - anonyme_love
Sai Katsumoto - unhinged_mind
Toshinori Oki - the_frogprince
Aizen Hizato - aizen_hizato
Akito Nikaido - faded_fury
Hana Itsuki - hana_o_tsumu
Chika Tsugumi - otoko_no_hime
Mamoru Kusangi - clandestins
Shuuya Akabara - comicxrelief
Sayuri Yamada - sayuri_yamada
Akiko Uchiyama - burubado
Ruri Saionji - bloggerrurichan

Headmaster Toriyama - kouchou_sensei
Fukuyo Shinoda - _pocky_addict_
Gendo Shindo - shindo_sensei
Yukiko Fujii - fujii_sensei
Hito Himura - himura_sensei
Eikichi Onizuka - onizuka_ftw

. joining .

If you are interested in joining this RPG, just go here. You will be provided with joining information, character creation guidelines, and the application needed to fill out. New time RPGers are welcomed, so don't be frightened! We are looking for dedicated players at a mature age, who have at least a little understanding of Japanese, if only from anime or manga.

. rules .

Everything from General Game Rules, Posting Guidelines, and Rules on Posting can be found here as well. THESE ARE MUST READ PAGES! Breaking of the rules will not be taken lightly. When you join, I will not explain anything on how to set up a post. You will gain all that knowledge on that site.

. classmates .

When posting, you are required to list all the students that are in whatever class and period you are posting about. The following links will give you those needed classmates so that you do not have to go through each character separately. All you have to do is click on the day that you are posting about, find the class period you need, locate the class your character is in, and highlight the fellow classmates for that class and copy it (right-click and select copy, or ctrl and v). You may then easily paste it at the start of your entry.

You may also use it to locate a class that you and a certain someone will both be in at the same time. Clubs and Sports are listed as well.

HM = Homeroom
Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

. due dates .

Deadlines for updating are currently not used in our RPG. The typists are good at keeping the story moving, and we allow typists to take hiatuses. Just be sure to let the Mod know if you'll be gone for an extended period of time.

. easy-add friends .

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3. Paste into the box on the new window and hit submit!
Please be aware that adding a community as a friend is NOT the same as joining a community!

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